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End of June Update

End of June Update

Commission Payments

As of 1st July, we will be implementing a new commission withdrawal policy. All members resident in Australia will be required to have an ABN to be provided to receive any payment of commissions. This is a serious matter as we have been informed we will be liable for paying the withholding on any commissions paid where no ABN has been provided. 

To save us time in double processing payments for commissions, members must provide us with a wallet address with any withdrawal request for a Qoin Wallet where payment has been received 50% in Qoin. 

Commissions will be processed twice times a month. At the beginning of every month from the 1st to 3rd and then from the 15th-18th. All requests must be received before these dates using the correct paperwork as requested from [email protected] or from the Marketing Hub – Piptle Office section in the membership area from 1st July 2021. 

A minimum of seven working days must have passed after a sale is received before the commission payment to ensure that any cooling off period is applied. 

New Piptle Bonus Structure

We have already implemented the new pricing structure, and they are in full effect. 

Commission payment of $300 is paid on $1088 licensing pack sales and $600 on $2088 licensing pack sales. We have also modified the commissions payable on any 2nd level sales to $50 on $1088 sales and $75 on $2088 sales. This second-level sale payment is only applicable on Sales Agent packages and not National or Global Merchant Licenses. 

We are implementing a new opportunity for all GPAL’s to become Piiink Membership issuers once the Piiink Merchant network has rolled out in key cities across the country. Already launched in Perth, we have started registering merchants with over 300+ registered. 

Introducing Piiink

Piptles Newest Business Partner

As you all know there is never a dull moment here at Piptle, and we are always embracing new ideas and projects. We are excited to announce that most recently we have partnered with an incredible and supportive community program called piiink! piiink is an innovative and caring program created to bring merchants and members together within communities to create an ongoing positive impact.  As a piiink merchant, you will gain customer loyalty and profits while providing deals to your members. From every transaction made between merchants and members, a percentage is then donated to a charity of the members choice.

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