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What is PIPTLE


The Piptle Vision is to create the the No. 1 platform providing education and access to a marketplace showcasing initiatives and programs globally that help support individuals, businesses, cooperatives and any other organisation to  generate passive income streams from participating in shared community activities including Decentralised Finance initiatives.


The Piptle Mission is to develop user-friendly mobile applications using blockchain technology that can help make it more accessible for people, businesses, and organisations to participate in the new emerging digital economy and create multiple income streams from their active participation in community groups and business initiatives.

Piptle Wealth Management is an innovative business enterprise that is focused on developing products and services to support new digital economy initiatives. 

We are also providing access to educational courses that may help people to learn more about how they can actively upskill themselves, generate income from developing and building their own online business and or becoming an affiliate for products and services that they would like to promote and refer others to buy online.


Meet the people that are bringing PIPTLE to the world

Aaron Cassar

Aaron Cassar

CEO & Director

Dallas Bayly

Dallas Bayly


Paul Niederer

Paul Niederer

Compliance Officer and Director

Liz Lindsay

Liz Lindsay

Customer Relationships Manager

Darryn Hume

Darryn Hume

Digital Marketer and Communications Coordinator

Missy Wang

Missy Wang

Property Partnership Manager

James Alton

James Alton

Creative Director

Sophia Cassar

Sophia Cassar

Customer Support

Alannah Kehoe

Alannah Kehoe

Social Media Marketer


The PIPTLE Group of Companies

Piptle Academy boasts over 120+ courses selected to help people to upskill themselves to earn online.  We have a strong focus on courses that help people to learn how  participate in the new emerging economy supported by blockchain technology and now Decentralised Finance.

Piptle Agency is a SAAS tokenisation platform being developed by Piptle that can be white labeled and licensed to businesses and organisations that are wanting to create their own digital assets under their own regulatory structure. This platform supports the creation of assets on ERC20, ER1155 and TRC20 protocols.

The Piptle.Store provides a unique multi-vendor store for community members to sell products and services peer to peer.  Using blockchain technology for empowering digital currency payments.  Supported by an awesome Affiliate Program.

This is a new SAAS platform being created by Piptle to support the staking of digital assets to earn passive income. This platform supports the growing Decentralised Finance initiatives being provided on the Ethereum network. It is an ideal addition for any family office or small fund management business. Targeted launching is April 2021.

The Pipezi Wallet is a mnemonics based mobile wallet that is highly secure, and that stores your crypto assets. It currently supports ERC20 tokens and TRC20 tokens. As a decentralised wallet it provides you with the security and privacy you are looking for in an easy to use and accessible interface. It also provides a wallet for making and taking direct payments on via the Piptle.Store platform.

As part o f the social good activities that Piptle Wealth Management is championing is the providing of funding to organisations that provide shelter for victims of domestic violence and animals in need of new homes.  As an organisation we will be endeavouring to allocate funds from our sales towards donating on a quarterly basis.


Find out the latest about PIPTLE

May Calendar

Hi Members! Below is the finalised calendar for May. We strongly encourage our members to join us at our Piptle Opportunity meetups. This is a great chance to bring friends and family to learn about the Piptle ecosystem and everything Piptle has to offer. Event...

Updated April 2021 Calander

Hi Valued Piptle Members! Here is the finalised calendar for April.

Zoom Schedule

Hi Piptle members! We have now released our new Zoom Schedule. This is effective from the 13th of April through till the 31st of May. If you have any questions, please call Aaron Cassar on +61 438 150 220.

Piptle launching new business initiative DARQTEC

We will soon be launching a new business initiative known as Darqtec – a consulting business for supporting and providing blockchain services to other businesses. Stay tuned for the launch!

Come shop with Piptle!

We have finished moving into our new offices at Unit 6-7, 215 Brisbane Street, Biggera Waters.

In the downstairs area of the office we have setup a temporary display area for a number of the products that we are providing online for members to use to their Piptle and other crypto currencies towards purchasing – this also includes QOIN.

Everything we have available in the store is available on a 50% Crypto Currency and 50% Cash payment offer. We have EFTPOS facilities in the office so paying on card is most welcomed. The store is open during the following hours every week:

– Monday to Friday from 9am to 5.30pm
– Saturday from 10am to 4pm

Another successful ‘Blockchain Economy’ training course

We had 10 new members attend our Saturday January 30th training event. Our next ‘New DeFi Blockchain Training’ event will be on the 20th February. We will post the event details again to Eventbrite so everyone can start making arrangements to attend. Stay tuned for more details.

We have moved into a new office located in Biggera Waters!

We have moved into a new office in Biggera Waters!

We would like to officially let everyone know that we have now moved to a new office. Unfortunately, the current office space which we are sad to see go has been leased out long term to another company. Our new office is at Unit 6 and 7, 215 Brisbane Road, Biggera Waters – just before Harbour Town.

This location will be home for the rest of the year or util we outgrow the office which we would hope to do in next 4-5 months. We also have a number of the products there that will be listed on the Piptle.Store that can be purchased in part Piptles and other payments.

Join our new Crypto & DeFi Pioneers Meetup Group

Join our official Crypto and DeFi Pioneers Meetup group! We are creating a community of enthusiasts that are excited to be part of educating other people around the world about the benefits that DeFi is creating in supporting new decentralised finance opportunities for passive income earning and wealth creation! 🌟


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