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Become a Piptle Real Estate professional and run your own realty business selling property fractionally and traditionally.
Our mission is to create the number 1 real estate agency globally selling fractional property and other tokenised assets.

Now everyone can start investing in real estate from AUD$1.
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PIPX is a digital exchange focused
on community building.

PIPX is a platform that is providing crypto payments, a greater selection of stablecoins,
trading of PPTLs and other property tokens that can be used towards property purchases

[Join the early access list and get 880 PPTL tokens]
[Launching February 2023.]

Piptle Agency - Join our professional team

Become a Piptle Real Estate professional and run your own realty business selling property fractionally and traditionally.
Our mission is to create the number 1 real estate agency globally selling fractional property and other tokenised assets. Now everyone can start investing in real estate from AUD$1.

Buy, Sell & Diversify

Buy & Sell Fractions of Properties from multiple listings and watch your investment grow with real time rental income payouts.

Earn Rental Income

Get paid your share of net rental income across any properties you own without worrying about everyday property management headaches.

Grow Capital Gains

The fractions you own change in value after every annual evaluation and are tracked in your portfolio. Sell at the click of a button to capture Capital Gains.

Piptle is the first Australian Blockchain powered Property platform that enables you to buy & sell fractional real estate assets in a few of clicks.

Grow a diversified portfolio of property assets, earn passive rental income and capture capital gains in a simple to use platform, built for the people.

How it Works

*Listing is for illustrative purposes only. First properties available soon.

No hassle property investing

Paperwork, lawyers, real estate agents. Especially real estate agents. Biskit cuts out the need for any of these headaches.

Instant buy and sell

Own property assets in a couple of clicks. Sell them in the same amount of time. The future of property investment is now.

Easy diversification

It's never been easier to diversify your portfolio. Invest in multiple properties and locations, all from one account, in the palm of your hand.

Dedicated acquisition team

Decades of experience in the Australian property market means each property has been carefully hand picked to create the best opportunities for both yield and capital growth.

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Growing wealth takes discipline and good habits. Piptle rewards you whenever you take steps to grow your property portfolio. Earn B's by depositing dollars, purchasing assets, diversifying and so much more.

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Spend your B's in the Piptle Rewards Store to boost your monthly rental yield, get exclusive limited spot access to property listings and earn Free Piptle property assets.

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Fractional Property Investing is the process of dividing an asset into smaller pieces to allow a number of investors to mutually own a percentage of the asset.

This enables shared benefits of ownership for each investor of the Property. Each investor can earn rental income and make capital gains in proportion to the percentage of the asset owned.

You don’t have to buy an entire company to earn dividends and capture increases in the company’s valuation over time, you can buy fractions of a company in the form of stocks. So why can’t we do the same in the property investing market?

Biskit harnesses the power of fractional investing to enable a wider range of access to the property market in a simple, secure and user friendly platform.

To answer this question we need to first understand what Blockchain technology actually does. It’s common to think of Blockchain technology in terms of the digital currencies that are used within them such as Bitcoin and Ether but understanding the underlying principals of Blockchains is more relevant when discussing how Piptle uses it to enable fractional property investing.

A blockchain is simply a network of connected computers, that work together to hold a ledger of information. The information is stored in a series of blocks that are joined together as a chain. As one block fills with data, a new block is created and connected to the previous. The information held on the chain is duplicated across all computers in the network.

The connected computers ensure that the information held on the ‘chain’ is valid and correct by using  a process of ‘cryptography’ which is where we get ‘cryptocurrency’ from, but we don’t need to get into that right now to understand how Piptle works.

For applications  to store information on the chain, we execute what is called a ‘smart contract’. A smart contract is a piece of code that contains rules and instructions on how data should be modified and stored on the blockchain.

This is where Piptle comes in. For each property that we purchase and place in a legal trust, we divide these into unique fractional assets, using a core smart contract that stores all the required information about the property – how many fractions, who owns them, what the current rental rate is, and current market value amongst others.

The data recorded is transparent and very near impossible to modify, hack or delete without authorisation, making it a perfect use case for Fractional Property Investing.

If changes to the property contract are required – Let’s say a fraction is sold to a new owner or the property changes in valuation, Piptle uses the smart contract to update the information on the ledger.

Through blockchain technology we can track a complete history of the property and the fractional assets within them, in a completely safe and transparent environment.