Anti Fraud Policy

Purpose and scope of this policy

Piptle has a commitment to high legal and ethical standards, and all Affiliates are required to  share this commitment. The purpose of this policy is to clarify the responsibilities of all  Affiliates with respect to fraud, and fraud prevention, and the actions that will be taken by  Piptle towards any Affiliate(s) if fraud is suspected and/or detected in their engagement with Piptle, and/or Piptle´s partner companies. 

Definition of fraud

The legal definition of fraud varies among countries and jurisdictions, but the term is  commonly used to describe a wide variety of dishonest practices, and/or misconduct(s). Fraud  comprises of the use of deception to obtain an unjust, or illegal financial advantage; and  intentional misrepresentations (often regarding financial statements provided one, or more  individuals). Fraud is commonly perpetrated by parties to obtain money, property, or services;  to avoid payment or loss of services, or to secure an advantage, whether for personal business  purposes. Acts of fraud are not dependent upon the application, or threat of violence, or of  physical force. 

Acts of fraud may involve, but are not limited to:

It should be noted that actions taken to instigate, aid, abet, attempt, conspire, or cooperate in  a fraudulent act, also constitute fraud. 

Investigation of allegations

All allegations of fraud and suspected fraud are taken seriously by Piptle. Upon receipt of information indicating fraud or suspected fraud, Piptle will assess the information and determine if the Affiliate in question will be suspended pending a further investigation, or if the membership will be terminated immediately.

Should the Affiliate be suspended for fraud, all e-wallet balances, Commissions, Bonuses and  Reward funds will be subject to suspension, and the Affiliate in question may be blocked from  accessing the Piptle website. 

Should the membership be terminated immediately, however, the Affiliate may lose all rights  to his or her position in the Compensation Plan, i.e., all previous, current and future  commissions, bonuses and rewards earnings will be forfeited.

Disciplinary/legal action

Proven fraud or suspected fraud, which comes to Piptle`s attention, will be referred to the  appropriate authorities at the earliest possible opportunity. This may include, but is not  limited to, filing a police report. 

Piptle reserves the right to take legal action against any Affiliate whom Piptle suspects of  having committed fraud. 

Reporting fraud

Anyone with information regarding fraud or suspected fraud is strongly encouraged to report  this information to Piptle’s Compliance Department at [email protected]. 

Anonymous reports

Individuals wishing to protect their identity may report fraud anonymously. For anonymous  reports, a report number and code are used to allow the individual making a complaint to  follow up, and to check if the assessing officer has requested any further information.

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